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'''''Im weißen Rößl''''' (English title: '''''White Horse Inn''''' or '''''The White Horse Inn''''') is an operetta or musical theater|musical comedy by Ralph Benatzky and Robert Stolz in collaboration with a number of other composers and writers, set in the picturesque Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria. It is about the head waiter of the White Horse Inn in St. Wolfgang (village)|St. Wolfgang who is desperately in love with the owner of the Public house#Inns|inn, a resolute young woman who at first only has eyes for one of her regular guests. Sometimes classified as an operetta, the show enjoyed huge successes both on Broadway theatre|Broadway and in the West End of London|West End (651 performances at the Coliseum Theatre|Coliseum starting 8 April 1931) and was filmed several times. In a way similar to ''The Sound of Music'' and the three ''Elisabeth of Bavaria#Elisabeth: The...
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